vodafone ¦ ‘smart business’ advert ¦ corrupted¬various ascending value sort 01

I took this animation; done for Vodafone by PostPanic Amsterdam www.postpanic.net and run in Finland, and corrupted the file in diffuse software.




I chose the file because it was featured in idN magazine’s glitch issue ?id=v18n3   and i thought it apt. Very nice animation too.

The corruptions, noted in the filenames, were in regard to the text-code’s:

> indentations

> casing (upper or lower)

> sorting (lines sorted as to value)

AVS media conventer then took frameshots.

then i .GIF’d them into the below sequences.

CLICK TO VIEW sequence 01 gif
 CLICK TO VIEW sequence 02 gif


CLICK TO VIEW sequence 03 gif


CLICK TO VIEW sequence 04 gif


CLICK TO VIEW sequence 05 gif


CLICK TO VIEW sequence 06 gif