‘video0008 (2)’ + 2285-2315UpperCase + various UpperCase changes version 03

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

diffuse software creation.

original video:

Video0008 (2).3gp

glitched video of slideshow fame:

Video0008 (2)+2285-2315+varUC01

the video doesn’t have the same colour as my slideshow because the playing software that is embedded into youtube, fixes the file to a rasonable degree.similar function to the patch tool in Photoshop, it removes that which seems obviously out of place. you can still see the glitches though.

i took the screenshots in AVS media player, clearly IT does npot care to clean the fil to tese extents.

even when downloaded from youtube via savefrom.net(keepiung the original format.3gp) you still lose the colour when you bring it into AVS.

you’ll just have to believe me that the above slideshw is the effect gained.


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