deadman’s wonderland – ANIME SERIES – birdseye siteshot corrupt

Deadman_Wonderland__-_02 (frame 115)

the offsets;when the image is displaced vertically or horizontally, are when i have deleted lines or parts of lines of code. where there is a bar of complete static, this is wher i have tried to insert another file into it to get a glitch merge. this effect is easily gotten in photoshop, but i would have liked for it to happen with code and be surprised byanomalies.

the colouring, it seems is dependent on where you stop your deletion of information.similar to when you look closeley at your tv screen, red-green-blue bars are visible, here, because they work together to create an accurate image, the deletion brings a colour to the fore.

here is the post where i have solved tis issue somewhat.

Living glitch – the insetting of Dimentia

Recently watched ‘Lockout'(2012). Set in the future, there are stasis pods which house criminals, similar to those in ‘demolition man’.
The narrative states that upon defrosting/reawaking “some people just ‘unwind’..and dimentia or psychosis occurs”.

The convicts are stored in a similar manner to the ‘matrix’s ‘actual reality’.

A character who experiences this ‘unwinding’ upon release, thereforth speaks in fragmented keywords, repition,slurring, tempo changes etc.

@ 0:30 – 0:33 of below link.

“REBOOTING of cells could cure could cure [glitch]”