THEORY : Glitch is……

Glitch is possibly the evolution of art. The next step.

> non-skilled (caveman)
> skilled (artists etc.)
> mastership (renaissance masters)
> semi-skilled (modern art)

> generational art (biologically/software/code generated architecture + art products)?

the worth is equatable to the percentile of persons upon the earth who possess the skill to RECREATE these works.

Glitch is the counterculture to minimalism and ‘found object placed in a room’ art.

A rebound from high-worth – short-work art peices.


the central question being…
“can i draw/model/create what i can see here, without acquiring a skillset or expertise first”

if ‘yes’, i has worth.
If ‘no’, it has less.

If ‘yes, but this is impossible to create again EXACTLY’, it is a masterpeice.

(paint thrown at a canvas would fall within ‘the unrecreatable’, but not within the needing of skills or expertise)